To improve the service we can offer to our clients, we encourage the use of cloud-based accounting and payroll software such as Sage One. The main benefits of cloud accounting are outlined below.

Access anywhere, any time

Cloud accounting software such as Sage One is different to traditional computerised accounting software because it’s all based in the cloud, instead of on a single computer. This means you can access your accounts from any internet-enabled device at any time, from wherever you are.

Bank feeds

Sage One now offers the option to register for “bank feeds” which is a very secure and safe way of transferring the information from your bank statements into the cloud based software. This leads to time efficiencies and gives you up to date information and eliminates the possibility of errors due to “missed” transactions.

Reduction in costs

Most cloud accounting software is paid for by a small monthly subscription rather than the large upfront costs of many traditional accounting systems. Many also offer free apps for both Android and iOS devices. The automated services for accounting and payroll also save on man hours. As well as being cheaper in the long run, if you sign up to Sage One through Ash Accounting you’ll receive an instant discount on your monthly subscription. This subscription also includes 24/7, 365 days a year access to a UK based helpline.

Increased security and peace of mind

With your accounts and payroll information based in the cloud, you’re no longer limited to working through only one device. This reduces the risk of losing all your important and essential financial information should something happen to your chosen accounting computer. Regular backups of your accounts are performed too, getting rid of the need for you to perform regular, manual backups. Sage One also offers secure connections to protect your privacy and data online.

Easy and instant access for Accountants

Software such as Sage One allows you to share your accounting data with us, as we can log in and work on your accounts in real time with immediate access to your live data. This method of record keeping leads to efficiencies and better communication allowing us time to focus on helping you make improved business decisions.

Simplified payroll

Cloud accounting makes payroll requirements simple and hassle-free. Sage One is HMRC recognised and compliant with Real Time Information (RTI) legislation and will process your Auto Enrolment data for you from your staging date.

Cloud accounting with Sage One is a great way to save on time and money, while at the same time increasing the security of your financial data. This means we can greatly improve the service we can provide you with.

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